Démarche RSE et Activités Physiques, comment en faire un levier d’actions RH en entreprise ?

Sunday 14 April 2019

Today, CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – is no longer an artifice of institutional communication, it is at the heart of HR issues: 62% of young people only want to work “for companies that seek to deliver a positive environmental and social impact”¹. Their dream? Investing their time and effort in a company with a positive impact, creating a new, fairer economic model and promoting local economic activity. Mooven realises it!

Mooven supports all companies responsible for an environment in which it has a positive impact. How? By offering tailor-made programmes of physical and sporting activities, implemented voluntarily – with the aim of providing good working conditions, having a positive impact on society and respecting the environment while being economically viable. These approaches are widely supported by employees: 70% of them want to invest more in CSR actions²! https://e-rse.net/etude-salaries-rse-entreprises-infographie-16012/#gs.3inaye

According to Marc Jacouton, member of the C3D Board of Directors, it is important “not to do gadget-CSR. (…) The challenge is to start from symbolic CSR actions to then go so far as to impact strategy”. Building a CSR specific to your company is something to consider with employees in order to co-construct a common mission, give meaning to individual action and boost initiative. Mooven programmes, which adapt to your workplace, your working conditions and your work schedule are made to make your dream come true. [More employees out of two] are dissatisfied with the company’s commitment to its well-being³, Mooven is fully integrated into a QWL approach and, in turn, relaunches collective commitment to increase its social impact.