The effectiveness of our solutions
is based on 5 values that make all the difference:


Liberating physical activity begins with the power to free oneself from all the constraints of daily life.

Travel, costs, organisation, schedules…


Thanks to its VisioMoov system, we allow you to organise your sessions wherever you want and according to your own criteria. Alone, in groups, in the morning, afternoon or even in the evening, enjoy a high-performance and fun accompaniment, in complete safety.


When it comes to physical activity, we all have different needs.

Whether it is musculoskeletal disorders, stress, rehabilitation or an overly sedentary lifestyle, the needs are multiple and the profiles infinite. That is why Mooven does not offer any “standard” formula. Each program is the result of a rigorous scientific analysis including interviews, diagnoses, the search for precise objectives and the implementation of support towards the autonomous practice of physical activity. So that everyone can move better, in their own way.


Researchers, engineers and qualified teachers: within Mooven, everyone is invested with an innovative mission to improve the effectiveness of physical activity support for their daily well-being.  Year after year, we develop new techniques, develop more partnerships, get involved in new fields of research, measure and share our results to actively contribute to the well-being of all.


Because your success is the success of an entire team, our support is based on a key element: a digital and collaborative platform. There, in an intuitive and 100% secure environment, practitioners can interact with the professionals who follow them, visualise their progress, plan their sessions and maintain their motivation. For their part, instructors can also exchange advice and assessments in real time, in order to optimise their programmes.


At Mooven, we are convinced that a fun programme always brings better results and maintains motivation over time. Sessions that are pleasant to follow, a more intense social bond and good sensations in the body: this is the secret to developing good habits and making a real change in life.