Tuesday 30 April 2019

Reference actors of Adapted Physical Activity since 2012,

we have decided to take an important step this year by giving a new dimension to our social, solidary and human values in the service of better living through movement.


In 2019, we are proud to finally make our solutions accessible to all:

companies, health professionals, health insurances, research centres and, of course, individuals.

And to do so, we have strived to enrich our scientific expertise with new innovations, combining field studies, international training, classroom and remote sessions at the heart of a secure digital platform for an ever more [efficient shared monitoring].

It’s up to you to choose your programme!

Employees, HR Directors, doctors, researchers, patients or simply to find the pleasure of moving at your own pace… For you, V@si becomes MOOVEN: the first truly complete adapted physical activity support platform which is 100% customisable according to your constraints and objectives.


Freeing physical activity

Aline Herbinet, Sophie Naili et Gauthier Ruspini – Co-fondateurs de Mooven