Development of a remote e-accompaniment

of a local service in Adapted Physical Activities (APA)

for the health of people with schizophrenia.

It is co-financed by the European Union and the Normandy Region as part of the ERDF/ESF operational programme for 2014-2020.


Thanks to the ISTS (EA 7466) and COMETE (UMR S U1075) laboratories who are experts in the fields of schizophrenia and APA respectively, this project aims to develop a remote adapted physical activity (APA) offer for patients with schizophrenic disorders, chronic, frequent pathology (1%), leading to disability (80% of patients), high sedentary lifestyle and severe co-morbidities (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc…).


The major innovation of the programme lies in the development of a complete offer by V@Si covering the entire value chain: medical prescription, construction and individualised implementation of remote management by Adapted Physical Activity (e-APA), deployment of an interactive technological platform integrating a videoconferencing system, and a physiological data monitoring system (sensors). The e-APA developed by V@Si is a promising and innovative way to facilitate patients’ access to physical exercise.


The physical capacities of schizophrenic patients are lower than in the general population and some physiological data should be taken into account to improve their management in APA. To this end, BodyCap aims to provide and/or develop innovative heart rate and activity monitoring solutions that meet all the constraints inherent in monitoring the target populations of this type of programme. 


« Le protocole s’est très bien passé pour moi, et je remercie ma coach de sport adapté, pour m’avoir permis de surmonter des difficultés que je ne me voyais pas vaincre seul »


« Suite à ce protocole je vais faire davantage de sport, et faire plus attention à mon alimentation, ainsi qu’à la gestion de mon corps »