To significantly reduce premature and often painful degradations of certain joints in employees performing repetitive tasks in a factory. And by the same token, reduce the number of associated work stoppages.


90% of the pain observed occurs on the side where the tool is used. The link between its use and bad movements is therefore inherently proven. In addition, 42% of those affected say they treat their pain with medication: an expensive and sometimes aggressive solution for the metabolism. Aware of this situation, the ACORIS health insurance group wanted to offer affiliated companies a gentle and preventive alternative to stem this phenomenon.


For all these physical workers, Mooven has designed and implemented tailor-made warm-up sessions, in 3 steps:


Step 1

Carrying out an in-situ audit to identify the origin of the pain, the constraints of each station and the treatments prescribed.


Step 2

Creation of adapted and feasible warm-up sessions in work clothes before each shift. Employees have also been trained to facilitate these sessions for greater autonomy.

Step 3

Submission of an impact report to the managers to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.


Freed from financial and organisational constraints, members were thus able to easily find the physical activity best suited to their needs and practice it daily on a permanent basis.